Welcome on my website !

Iranien Painter, born in 1984, I live and work in Bordeaux. I did the Beaux Arts of Tehran after having taken a vocational training in an art school.

Arrived in France in 2007, I took a research training in Plastic Arts which led me to produce works called photo-paintings. This site presents some of the works realized throughout my studies in Iran and subsequently in France.

The objective is to make a diverse audience discover the different plastic approaches of my works, begun in my hometown of Tehran and continued in France, with a change of life.
The narration in my works is important, for me and for the public who sees my work. I like to deprive the photographic pictures of its initial fidelity with the real so that it becomes abstract. Reality loses its original traits. Once mixed with painting and calligraphy, the pictures become a new image to better question the viewer.